Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Twenty: Yes!

Wordcount: 34765
Minimum: 34480

My story is really starting to cook, if I do say so myself! Yesterday and today's sessions have brought forth lots of great developments. For one thing, it turns out that the group of "natives" that my guys have been dealing with have an origin story of being expelled from a city as punishment for their religious practices. Is this a real city, or a metaphor for heaven? If it's real, does it still exist? Only time will tell! This information is interesting enough to give the expedition something to look for besides a way across the Nymean Tract, which was frankly a pretty boring goal. Also, Farrowell, Pitt, and Midama (the cagey Sacagawea figure) are now hopelessly separated from the troops and are going to have to thrash about on their own for a while, which is great because having thirty men in the background takes a lot of verbal maintenance and greatly inhibits the interactions of the MCs.

I was less distractable today. I was only distracted by food, tea, a Q-tip (clean one--did you know can spin string from the cotton on a Q-tip?), and a very large oak leaf that I noticed on the porch.

Seriously, it was a really big leaf.

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