Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 28: So close!

Wordcount: 46574
Minimum: 46548

Wow, the end is so close I can taste it! Or maybe that's the kale I had for dinner...but anyway.

Today I made the mistake of reading some novel-writing and -selling advice. Why do I do this? It nearly always makes me feel like I'm doing it wrong. Today's culprit was this description of the Snowflake Method, which I have heard a little about before. It actually sounds okay, and I have tried using some elements of it in the past, but on this particular day it kind of got me down to read about all this intense "planning" and "knowing-what's-going-to-happen" that some people apparently indulge in. Ah well. On with the show.

I also today picked names for all the surviving members of the expedition. As a little treat to myself, I used Tilden's "The Football Players" as inspiration for a few of the names. I googled the phrase "womble hopper hall" and found this nice little blog entry that helpfully lists the names found on the statue's plinth. It also exactly describes the charms of this particular inscription.

Although I've made my target, I'll be writing more tonight whilst Darling Man plays Ocarina of Time on the Wii. We're back home from the in-laws' house, but tomorrow we're going into NYC to have brunch and loiter in certain neighborhoods, with an eye toward their attractiveness as potential places to live. Sounds like a pretty busy day.

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